Hi, my name is Angela and I am the founder and creator of Angel Ink Expressions.  Angel Ink Expressions started as an outlet for my creativity and has continued to grow and blossom.  My passion is to bring new life to old items.  Each piece starts with a unique vision.  Sometimes, it totally works out that way, and sometimes, the creative process takes another path and something even more amazing happens.  If I can imagine it, I look to make it happen!    My heart and spirit are a part of each  creation and I hope that my pieces "speak" to your spirit as well.

With my creations, I hope to appeal to people who enjoy unique home decor and appreciate upcycled and repurposed items.  Upcycling allows  eco-friendly minded people, like myself, feel as if they are making a small contribution to the sustainbility of the environment.  Whether you are a city dweller with limited living space, a suburban home-owner looking for a unique piece, or an online/social media shopper, hopefully you can find something that suits your style.